Calin Wultur - Model #7 - Romania

NCWUL76 Front and Back.png
NCWUL76 Front and Back.png

Calin Wultur - Model #7 - Romania


About Calin Wultur Violins:

After completing his violin making studies in his native Poland with Jarek Koscielny, Calin Wultur assembled a team of craftsmen and established a workshop in the mountains of Romania. Calin Wultur instruments are handcrafted from Carpathian maple and spruce in the style of Polish master luthiers. The workshop produces instruments in a variety of models ranging from student to professional level.

This Violin Features:

  • Carpathian Spruce top and tightly flamed Carpathian maple back

  • Ebony fingerboard

  • Ebony Hill style tailpiece

  • Professionally cut Aubert bridge


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