Anima Nova Carbon Fiber Soundpost

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“Small and inconspicuous as it may be, the sound post is the heart of a bowed instrument. Anima, its Italian name, pays homage to its role as the soul of the instrument.

 Instruments react sensitively to the slightest of changes to the sound post; shifting its position by even a fraction of a millimetre significantly changes the sound of an instrument.

 Anima Nova revitalises the soul of a bowed instrument. Its carbon structure and innovative features have revolutionised sound post technology.

 Fitting a sound post still requires great precision and with Anima Nova, this task is fulfilled to perfection. “


photo by: Martin Zwer

photo by: Martin Zwer

photo by: Martin Zwer

photo by: Martin Zwer

We at Terra Nova Violins have experimented extensively with the Anima Nova carbon fiber soundposts by placing them in numerous instruments in our inventory and in the instruments. From beginner to top-end professional level instruments, these soundposts can significantly enhance sound and playabilty.

The length of these soundposts can be finely adjusted to precisely tweak the sound of your instrument. Each post comes with a special set of tools that your trusted luthier can use to adjust your post.

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