Additional Services

Selling Your Old Instrument

Terra Nova Violins may be interested in purchasing your old instrument. We recommend that you call ahead of time to the shop you plan on visiting to give us advanced notice of your visit. Our Austin shop can be reached at 512-640-4072 and our San Antonio shop can be reached at 210-349-4700. If your instrument has a label (which can be spotted inside the instrument by looking through the F-Holes), we may be able to tell you by phone whether or not we are interested in seeing the instrument in person.

We do not guarantee that we will purchase your instrument.

If we are interested in considering your instrument further, please plan on leaving it with us for about a week while we consider. We must assess the authenticity and condition of an instrument before making a decision as to whether or not we would like to purchase.


Terra Nova Violins may be interested in consigning your instrument. Please bring the instrument to our Austin or San Antonio shop for inspection. If we feel that the instrument is a good addition to our selection, we will consign it.

By default, Terra Nova Violins keeps 30% of the selling price. Depending on the value of the instrument, that percentage may be negotiable.

Insurance Appraisals

Terra Nova Violins offers instrument and bow insurance appraisals for $75. In some cases, the appraisal can be written using photos of the items. In other cases, the instrument must be left with us for about a week. Please call ahead of time to tell us more about the instrument and we can tell you if t’s necessary to bring the instrument to the shop.