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-  Basses -


The bass is a beautiful instrument to play. Its size and sound truly make the orchestra you are playing in. For audience listeners, the bass is one of the instruments you may not notice right away, but it adds an underlying sound that truly completes a piece of music. The double bass is the grandfather of the string family. It is the largest and lowest of them all, and it has the longest strings as well. The basses in the orchestra are almost always playing the harmony for each song. Bass players produce sound that’s similar to the cello by using the left hand to change the pitch and the right hand to move the bow or pluck the strings. 

Our Selection

Take a look at the bass selection we have to offer and see which styles you’d like to explore.

 - Ernst Heinrich Roth, 1964 - 
 - Nicolaus Ostler - 
 - Francis Alexander - 
 - Jon Gould, 2006 - 
 - Jon Gould, 2007 - 
 - Iesta, 2007 - 
 - Roberto Salvianti, 2005 - 
 - Jay Haide - 

We are proud to offer such a diverse and large inventory of basses for all skill levels and types of orchestras. Whether you are looking to play professionally or you want to spruce up your orchestra pit for a school play, Terra Nova Violins can help you find the perfect instrument to meet your individual needs. Our staff will never push a model on you that you don’t want or cannot fit into your budget; instead we will find the model that meets all of your needs, while keeping your price range in mind. Call today with any specific questions or stop by our store and test out the bass you have your eye on.
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