Our rental program provides students with high quality instruments at affordable monthly rates

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Our rental instruments are specially made for us from high quality tonewoods: spruce and maple. They are expertly set up in-house by our skilled luthiers and carefully maintained between usages. We offer three different rental tiers so you can find the right level instrument for your level of playing. Click the button below to learn more about our rental instrument options.

When you rent from us, you accrue Rental Credit. Your Rental Credit is calculated by multiplying your monthly rental fee (not including insurance) by the number of months you have been renting. Your credit can be used towards the purchase of ANY instrument of the same type (violin, viola, cello, or bass), making it much more flexible than the traditional rent-to-own model.

The percentage of your credit that you may apply towards your instrument purchase is based on the price of the instrument. See our rental credit matrix below to understand how the price of the instrument you would like to buy determines the percentage of your credit you may use.

Violin rentals in San Antonio

What Does Your Monthly Instrument Insurance Cover?

  • Replacement of old or damaged strings

  • Repairs to or replacement of damaged bow

  • Replacement of or repairs to damaged instruments (some exceptions apply)

  • Replacement of damaged case or rosin cake

See Below For Monthly Rental Rates

Pre-Pay for 10 Months and We Will Give You 2 Months for Free!

10 Month Payment Is Non-Refundable

Violin Rental Monthly Rates

Studio: $15 fee + $5 insurance = $20

Classic: $18 fee + $5 insurance = $23

Concert: $28 fee + $7 insurance = $35

 Cello Rental Monthly Rates

Studio: $32 fee + $8 insurance = $40

Classic: $37 Fee + $8 insurance = $45

Concert: $55 fee + $10 insurance = $65

Viola Rental Monthly Rates

Studio: $24 fee + $6 insurance = $30

Classic: $28 fee + $6 insurance = $34

Concert: $37 fee + $8 insurance = $45

Bass Rental Monthly Rates

*Please Call In Advance If Renting a Bass

Studio: $48 fee + $10 insurance = $58

Classic: $55 fee + $10 insurance = $65

Concert: $70 fee + $12 insurance = $82

Ready To Rent An Instrument?

If you are ready to rent, please download our rental contract, print it, and fill it out (leave credit card information blank for now). Once you are finished, simply email it to Please format your subject line as follows: “Your Name - Rental Contract”. In the body of your email, please let us know which instrument, size, and rental tier (see above) you would like as well as which location you will be renting from: we have shops in Austin and San Antonio. If you are in Houston, please contact Maya Dimitroff at 832-469-9095.

We will reserve your rental instrument for you and hold it for two days following the receipt of your email. When you come to pick it up, we will complete your payment information. If you are not interested in reserving your rental, then simply visit one of our locations and we will set up your rental contract in-shop. Availability restrictions may apply.

Please call in advance to the location you will be renting from if you plan to rent a bass.